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Chicago Wolves Scouts & Knights of Columbus Game Night

Brian McGehee:    ----    Cell: 630-370-6863

I have already reserved 30 seats on my personal credit card

(Pay me directly --- cash, check, or Money Order)

Cut Off – Thursday   - 15 January 2015

When:  31 January 2015

Where:  Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL

Start Time: 7:00pm

Ticket price:  $18.00 (include tax & delivery)

Seat Location:  “Green” - Section 113 (upper portion) (north east corner of stadium) (by elevator)

Parking:  $13.00 per vehicle (on your own) (carpooling is a good idea) (Park in the East lot off of Manheim Rd.)

Special Scout Details: 

A: Any scout that sold over $300 but less than $1,100 receives One (1) FREE  ticket -($19.50) upper-level -blue (nose bleed on either end) – BUT the wolves ticket office chooses your seat for you*

* If you go through me you can be seated with the group for a $1.50 upcharge on that single free ticket


B:  Any scout that has sold from $1,100 - $5,000 receives 1 free hat & two (2)  free ($22.50) tickets in the green level seats – BUT - wolves ticket office chooses your seat for you**

** If you go through me you can be seated with the group for NO upcharge on the 2 free tickets.

Scouts: To Make this work --- when you receive your notification from “Three Fires Council or the Wolves”   DO – NOT -  respond by phone or electronically to either party.   The Wolves has a consolidated list from council of all the ticket winners.

All you have to do is notify me that you wish to convert your ticket to be able to sit with the group and how many additional tickets you will need for parent(s) & family members. I will handle the conversion and purchase of the additional tickets at the group rate and families pay me directly $18.00 per ticket except for the free ticket(s).

Special Note: Band For Today Music Company -  is hosting invited student musicians (6th, 7th & 8th graders) – will be playing --- prior to the start of the game (normally 6pm) (location in building – unknown but normally North side between section 119 & 210 (be sure to ask an attendant)



St. Walter Knights of Columbus sponsored the December 14th Blood Drive with Heartland Blood Centers. In total we collected 39 pints of blood that could possibly save up to 117 lives. Heartland Blood Centers would like to thank you on behalf of the accident victim that received red cells, on behalf of the cancer patient receiving platelets, and on behalf of countless families made whole in recovery from illness and accidents. December is a critical time for donating blood due to shortages at local hospitals.

We would especially like to thank two high school students who will be graduating next June. They participated in Heartland's a new program of possibly winning one of five $1000 tuition scholarships. Relatives and friends of the new donors could significantly increase their chance of winning by donating blood in the student's name. We encourage more high school students to donate to this effort in saving the lives of others. Thank you for your help.

We would also like to thank Chicago Pastry in Bloomingdale for their continued donation of tasty donuts and Frato's Pizza in Schaumburg for supplying free pizza to the medical staff at the blood drive. See you in April.


The Knights had another successful Christmas Tree Sales in November and December. With the help of Ray Horn, his wife and sons, and their friends, they all helped unload the trees despite some delivery problems. Terrence, Joe, and John Baumgart worked to set up the tree lot. At this report, of the 125 trees bought only one tree remained unsold. Many thanks to Terrence and the Knights who contributed their time selling the trees in the cold weather.

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