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Exemplification News 2014-September

3 October 2014

24 Hour Adoration
from 7.00pm until 8.00pm (add this)
Parish Center (map)
All Are welcome to pray the rosary. Len Buonincontro.

7 October 2014

Lemont Council 1599 will conduct a 1st Degree meeting
from 7.00pm until 8.00pm (add this)
Lemont Council 1599 will conduct a 1st Degree on Tuesday October 07th starting at 07:00 PM VFW 111 Main Street Lemont , Illinois 60439 Contact Gary Gunderson - 630-257-7471 - if planning to attend

General Member Meeting
from 7.30pm until 9.00pm (add this)
Wagner Hall (map)
Grand Knight Ray Horn presides.

8 October 2014

4th Degree Assembly see Joe Schebelski
from 7.30am until 8.30am (add this)
see Joe Schebelski (map)

12 October 2014

1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree
from 12.30pm until 4.30pm (add this)
r. CC Boyle Council #4698 at St. George School 6700 West 176th Street Tinley Park, IL (map)
Fr. CC Boyle Council #4698 at St. George School 6700 West 176th Street Tinley Park, IL Candidate registration: 12:30 PM 1st degree at 1PM; 2nd degree at 2PM; with3rd degree following 2nd degree Dinner will be served after 3rd degree. Candidate Cost of Degree $15 incl with dinner. Observers and sponsers cost of Dinner $10 For reservations or Questions, Please contact : District Deputy #21 Larry Gordan at 708-479-7021 Grand Knight John Lavin at 708-532-1843. For additional details go to REMEMBER, IF YOU ARE A SPONSOR OF A CANDIDATE, YOU SHOULD BRING HIM TO THE DEGREE


THANK YOU FROM THE CO-CHAIRMEN OF THE INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED PERSONS DRIVE, (Tootsie Roll Drive) Frank Duda, Frank Montefalco and John Baumgart. To date, we have deposited $5,559.63 into our account. To achieve this amount, we have depended upon many fellow Knights and individual parishioners of our Parish. We have utilized 4 street intersections, railroad station, and 6 business establishments. They are as follows: Walgreens on Maple, in Roselle, the Ace Hardware on Maple, in Roselle, Doc Dogs, on Irving Park Road, the Main Lobby of Harris Bank, Walgreens, on Lake and Springfield, and the Ace Hardware on Lake and Springfield, and St. Walter Church. All of these establishments deserve our thanks and patronage. In addition to these establishments, we also have placed canisters with a supply of Tootsie Rolls at 18 other establishments within our Village. This is a trial on our part, and we do not know, if or how much, this may benefit us. These canisters are not manned by an individual who is waving it someone's face, they may be totally ignored, or worse case scenario, they could be stolen. It is a work in progress. Volunteers from Ray Graham spent 11 hours a day, on both Friday and Saturday, at Doc Dogs, and the 2 establishments on Maple Avenue. Their service was greatly needed and appreciated.


The ID drive (Tootsie Rolls) will take place on Sept. 19th thru the 21st. I need help from all of the Knights, and their friends and families, if possible. Besides having locations on street corners, which will include Roselle and Irving, Irving and Maple, Nerge and Plum Grove, and any other location that you can think of or can be manned, we will also have certain store fronts for our use. I need help at Harris Bank, Ace Hardware and Walgreens at Lake Street and Springfield Dr., and if you know of an area, please inform me. We have Ray Graham taking all of Doc Dogs, Ace Hardware and Walgreens in Roselle proper.

I will be contacting each Knight, personally, to assign a position where they will be best utilized. If you have a particular spot where you would like to be, please contact me at (630-894-0317) or e-mail me at FRANK DUDA, CHAIRMAN OF THE ID DRIVE

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